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Sociolinguistics Presentations

2018. “Swabian: thriving or dying? Language variation and change over 35 years.” International Congress of Linguists. Cape Town, South Africa. 2-6 July 2018.

2018. “Identity and place:  The changing role of Swabian in modern Germany.” Conference on Language, Place and Periphery. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 19 January 2018.

2005.  “Cross-Cultural Communications in the Workplace.” New York University, Department of Linguistics, New York, NY USA. Lecture prepared for MAP Course on Linguistic Perspectives. New York University.  13 April 2005.

2003.  “Global Orientation and Sociolinguistic Accommodation as Factors in Cultural Assimilation.” With Gregory R. Guy. International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities. University of the Aegean. Rhodes, Greece. July 2003.